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Perm, Lift & Curl

Lash Lift & Curl Your Eyelashes  

Both eyes...Lasts up to 2 months+!

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*Eyelash Perm,Lift & curl...1st visit $149 

.....Allow up to 1.5 hrs

*Each additional visit $99 

.....allow up to 1hr

*Lash Perm,Lift, curl & Tint...1st visit $175 

.....up to 2hrs

*Each additional visit $125 

.....Allow up to 1.5 hours

*No refills needed! Lasts up to 2 months+!

*Excellent for those with sensitivity to eyelash extension adhesive

*Application may last up to 2 months+

*Defines your eyes

*No more curling 

*Makes your eyelashes visible

*No more droopy or straight eyelashes  

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