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Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for relaxation, household cleaning, repelling insects, skin care and a lot more!


Smudging is an ancient practice. It's origins are unknown.  Smoke from burning certain herbs has  emotional, cognitive and physical benefits.  Smoke from herbs have clearing effects which change the molecular structure of our air and energy. According to Selfgrowth.com. " The aroma of sage has been found to actually increase the oxygen supply to the brain and also produce physical relaxation of muscle tension." Remember to leave your windows open while smudging.


*Our Essential oils come in 1/4 once amber bottles.
*For the safety of all...No returns accepted 

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 Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 
All of our Essential oils come on 1/4 ounce, amber and glass bottles. Cinnamon leaf...Money, pshchic awareness, reduces tension and revitalizes (skin ... more >>>
 Clary Sage Essential Oil 
All of our Essential oils come in 1/4 ounce, glass and amber bottles Clary Sage essential oils...Antidepressant, hypotensive, sedative, Clearing, rene... more >>>
 Frankincense Essential Oil 
Sprituality, meditation, calms, restores, and clarifies (skin irritant) more >>>
 Lavender Essential Oil 
Health, love, peace, balance and conscious mind more >>>
 Myrrh Essential Oil 
Sprituality, meditation and healing more >>>
 Rose essential Oil 
Happiness, love & peace more >>>
 Smudge stick      $29.00 
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